ultrafine mill

Ultrafine Mill

SCM ultrafine mill is a new kind of superfine powder processing equipment, which has been developed on the basis of many years' experience in milling machine and absorbed advanced mechanical manufacturing technology.

The structure of ultrafine mill has been optimized, improved, more reliable, more comprehensive, and has many advantages, such as high production efficiency, stable operation, safety, low carbon, environmental protection and so on. It is the latest product that commands the world trend of grinding mill.

    ultrafine mill
  • 【Feed size】: 10-20mm
  • 【Capacity】: 4-12T/h
  • 【Application】: Widely used in paints, paper, pigments, rubber, plastics, fillers, cosmetics, chemicals and other industries
  • 【Material】: Mainly applicable to the processing of Mohs hardness of < 9 level non flammable and explosive brittle materials, such as coal, mica, talc, graphite, quartz, fluorite, calcite, dolomite, limestone, kaolin, bentonite, barite, feldspar, bauxite

Ultrafine grinding mill Structure Design

Ultrafine Grinding Mill Structure Design

Ultrafine grinding mill strucutre mainly includes: host equipment, powder separator, cyclone dust collector, pulse jet blower, motor, fan, pipe, muffler and so on. The optional equipment includes jaw crusher, hammer crusher, hoist, feeder and control cabinet. In general, ultrafine grinding mill is made up of lubricating devices, safety devices, and regulating devices.

Ultrafine mill without rolling bearings and screw, so the stability of the equipment is very high, reducing downtime, improve production efficiency. The grinding chamber does not have a rolling bearing nor a screw rod. Therefore, it does not have bearing and seal wear problems, and there is no screw loosening and damage problems. The lubrication of the main shaft of the ultrafine grinding mill is external and can be lubricated without stopping. It can do 24 hours without stopping.

This equipment uses a relatively new high efficiency pulse dust collector, without dust pollution during operation. The configuration of the muffler and anechoic chamber can reduce environmental noise. SCM series ultrafine mill is designed and manufactured in accordance with the environmental protection standards of our country. The silencer can effectively reduce dust pollution and noise, reach the environmental protection standards of the family, have little pollution to the surrounding environment, and meet the environmental standards.

Closed circuit grinding technology

The ultra fine mill grinding process is divided into two kinds of closed circuit and open circuit. It has been proved by practice that the advantage of open circuit grinding system is that the process is simple and the material is finished after grinding. However, it should be noted that the material in the mill flow rate is slow, long residence time, it is likely to cause excessive grinding of materials, the particle size of the finished product is unfavorable.

Closed circuit grinding technology

Therefore, we advocate and promote the use of closed-circuit grinding system, adding ultra fine grinding powder selecting equipment, timely through the fine powder is milled from outside the mill, so as to effectively avoid the problems of open circuit grinding system. At the same time, the speed of the material flow in the closed circuit is accelerated, and the grinding bodies of each silo undertake the crushing or grinding tasks respectively, so the productivity of the equipment can be increased by 40%.

ultrafine mill unique Performance characteristics

SCM series ultrafine grinding mill is SBM design and development a ultra fine grinding equipment, it has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy, safety and environmental protection advantages in application, then what is the unique characteristic of the structure compared to other milling machines?

SCM ultra fine mills are widely used in all walks of life, and these two aspects benefit from its powerful performance.

  • 1. high efficiency: the machine in ensuring product 325-3000, the purpose of high fineness premise, its output compared to air mill and other grinding machine increased by 40%.
  • 2. low energy: the machine in ensuring product fineness and motor power under the same conditions, compared to ball milling system, the energy consumption of the system reduced by 30%. Moreover, the utility model has the advantages of high utilization ratio of the wearing parts and service life of more than two years.
  • 3. security: the design of the grinding cavity SCM ultrafine grinding is very good, no rolling bearing and screws, so naturally do not damage the bearing and other parts of, will not damage the machine screw loosening and favor, very high safety and reliability.
  • 4. environmental protection: ultrafine grinding mill installed a pulse dust collector and muffler, to reduce dust pollution and noise, no pollution to the surrounding environment, to achieve environmental standards.

Another aspect, because the SCM ultrafine mill's unique structural features, specific can be summarized in the following aspects.

  • 1. the use of relatively high-end production materials, can guarantee the use of wear-resistant parts and service life.
  • 2. using full thin oil lubrication, lubrication, efficient and convenient, and the ultra-fine grinding parts damage is small, to ensure efficient operation.
  • 3. superfine grinding wear-resistant parts of high utilization, because the cavity design in the cavity without rolling bearings and screws, reduce components without damage, improve utilization.
  • 4. The whole cast steel structure of the bearing block greatly improves the stability and reliability of the whole machine, and also improves the carrying capacity of the equipment;
  • 5. the finite analysis technique is adopted, and the strength of the equipment is improved remarkably.
  • 6. the overall structure of the equipment is simple, compact layout, reducing the floor area, light quality, convenient transportation, cost savings.

ultrafine mill manufacturers

SBM ultra fine grinding mill adopts the advanced design concept as well as relatively new production technology, both inside and outside are the best in the milling equipment. We all know that because the ultra fine grinder research and development team constantly innovation, and constantly design a more appropriate production equipment. Therefore, ultrafine mill has been very popular with users.

In addition, the ultrafine mill produced by SBM is not only very good in quality, but also has perfect service. Users buy more than just equipment, but also buy professional services.