Vertical Roller Mill Powerful Function

As in recent years the vertical roller mill technology is becoming more and more mature, and its powerful performance advantage gradually come out, and in the cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, ore etc material grinding work has widely applied in the market. Here we have a full range analysis of what mill powerful function.

One,A good comprehensive performance, it is not only a flour mill, it has both crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveying into a whole, which greatly reduces the related equipment investment, reduce production cost, but also save a lot of area, is only half of the milling system, has the advantages of simple system, compact the characteristics of. It is equipped with automatic control system of PLC/DCS, can realize remote control, operation, maintenance is very convenient.

Two, grinding high efficiency vertical grinding by way of the grinding roller, in direct rolling disc grinding material, grinding high efficiency. Its production capacity in the 10-50 tons / hour, compared with other types of milling machine, the production efficiency can be improved about 30%

Three, product quality as a result of material short staying time in the grinding cavity, avoid repeated rolling, so the quality of the products is more stable and reliable; not direct contact in the running process of the roll sleeve and the liner, after it is processing powder whiteness and purity guaranteed.

Four, wear less consumption of our equipment is made by high quality material, reasonable design, good wear resistance; and the vertical milling machine in the operation process, the grinding roller and the grinding disc is not in direct contact, which reduces wear and prolong life.

Five, energy saving and environmental protection advanced grinding method of reducing equipment power consumption, compared with the milling system, can save 30-40%. At the same time, it adopts the structural design of the seal, the operation of the system under the condition of negative pressure, to avoid the dust overflow phenomenon, not only provides a clean working environment for the user, also reached the relevant national environmental standards.

The outstanding advantage and powerful function, make our mill products by the user’s welcome, have a large number of users in the flour in the market. I believe that with the development, in the near future, vertical mill performance more powerful opportunity to show in front of users.

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