Vertical Roller Mill Maintenance

Contact with dry grinding equipment friends all know, the equipment is not only large volume is expensive, but also the need of the user during use user maintenance, otherwise it will be “emotional” effect of production. Then the maintenance of dry mill, vertical roller mill and other method of dry grinding equipment for what? The following is the detailed introduction of the related content.

One, in the use of dry grinding equipment process, best to let the fixed operators time care, also require the operator to have certain operation ability and level, working principle known as dry mill, vertical mill and other equipment and components of the structure, the operating rules. Before using the ore grinding machine, the operating personnel also received from the manufacturer of professional and technical personnel training, to know more about solution method of equipment failures and equipment etc., so conducive to the operator a better operation of dry grinding equipment, and equipment in some small fault can timely solve.

Second, in order to ensure the dry grinding equipment to normal and stable work, in the use of the best during the formulation of the “equipment maintenance and safe operation of the system, also need to improve the operating personnel and maintenance tools necessary lubricating grease. When the device is used for a period of time, the operation personnel needs a complete overhaul of equipment, especially for dry mill, vertical mill and other equipment of the grinding roller and grinding ring, blade wearing parts, necessary to handle according to the degree of wear, if wearing parts wear to a certain degree need to repair, when the wear degree is more serious that requires the user to change in time, prevent the impacts the normal operation of equipment.

Third, dry lubrication work grinding equipment. The lubricating condition is good or not directly affect the dry mill, vertical mill and other equipment operation and production, service life, therefore the operating personnel in equipment operation period is necessary to ensure the lubrication system of equipment in good condition. Regularly check equipment every lubrication nodes, see if it is not of any abnormal situation, found that the problem will be resolved in a timely manner. When found in dry lubricating oil grinding equipment quality problems arise, to new oil, good quality replacement in a timely manner, which requires the user to need to pay attention to its quality in the purchase of lubricating oil.

Careful maintenance stem has a lot of grinding equipment measures, there are a lot of matters needing attention in the maintenance period, this requires the user to grasp the maintenance measures and matters needing attention, so as to truly reach maintenance dry mill, vertical mill equipment such as the goal, thus improving the service life of equipment.

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