Vertical Roller Mill Hydraulic System

vertical roller mill hydraulic system: component used for applying sufficient pressure to the grinding roller to crush materials.

Controlled System

Pressure applied to the grinding roller being automatically controlled by the PLC/dCs enables the accurate control of grinding pressure and the highly efficient and stable operation of the mill without manual operation.

Automatic control system enables remote control and simple operation .

Frequency-conversion speed regulation enables the mill to be used for materials of a wide range of hardness
The mechanical limit device and the electronic limit device are capable of being adjusted so as to ensure the safety clearance between the roller shell and the liner plate on the grindin Thi effectively removes the possibility of materials feeding iption thus fierce vibration and destructive impact and maintains the safe and economical operation of the mill .

A separate lubrication station is provided for the grinding roller. Each grinding roller circuit is equipped with two pumps, which operate simultaneously. The sufficient lubrication and cooling of the bearings for the grinding roller is ensured while no excess of lubricating oil in the bearing chamber thus no leakage could occur.

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