Slag Powder Vertical Roller Mill

Just listen to the name "slag grinding machine", many people think this is a kind of professional equipment for the slag grinding. In fact, slag vertical roller mill for milling in addition to slag, slag grinding equipment can meet the product materials, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and mining and other different fields of industrial raw materials demand, widely used slag vertical mill provided many convenience for industrial production.

Slag powder vertical roller mill is a new type of super fine series products are the latest development of the slag grinding machine, change the current lack of Raymond Mill fineness (80-325 mesh) thread bound, finished product fineness of slag grinding machine grinding out at an average of about 1000 items, the highest precision can reach 2500 to Europe and the United States high standard level, reached the most bottom standards of the country in terms of energy consumption, compared with the traditional grinding equipment of slag grinding machine more recognized by customers.

Slag Powder Vertical Roller Mill

Slag vertical roller mill is a high speed rotating blades around a horizontal axis of the material to be heated shock, this can let the material to achieve finer granularity in the grinding process. Slag vertical mill is generally applicable to the grinding of brittle materials such as medium hardness below, maximum feed particle size of not more than 8mm, generally less than or equal to 5mm, the average particle size of the product 0.003-0.02mm (600 to 2500 mesh) between the adjustment.

The main component of slag grinding equipment is the host, super fineness analysis machine, product cyclone powder and so on, can make the material from the warehouse to the discharging time can reach the requirement of the fineness of slag grinding equipment, assembly can also according to customer requirements, other auxiliary equipment in the production line equipped with slag grinding equipment abroad for example, storage bin, electric control cabinet etc.. Slag grinding equipment in the feed size convenient for easy comparison, feed size to discharge a standard, can grind superfine powder European standard less than < 6.5 mu m, and grinding device used is the overlapping type multistage sealing equipment, slag grinding equipment sealing performance is very good.

Compared with other similar mill, high pressure spring force slag vertical mill can reach 1200 kg, which is the traditional size grinding milling equipment can not reach. In addition, slag vertical mill is very energy saving energy saving, in the condition of same output and fineness, the energy consumption of the system is only the airflow mill 1/3. In the condition of same output and fineness, slag vertical mill price is only for airflow mill 1/8, and dust removal efficiency to meet national emission standards.

Compared with other slag grinding equipment, grinding equipment with its unique performance in milling machine market by customers are welcome, if have very strict requirements on the grinding accuracy, slag vertical mill is everyone's choice.