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Slag Application

Slag is the by-product of steel and iron production. Being lighter than its metal co-product, liquid slag floats on liquid metal and can be tapped off. The molten slag is either air cooled or water quenched, the latter process is known as granulation. The majority of slag products are utilised by the construction industry. There are several ways in which slag improves the sustainability of the industry.

Slag also improves a wide range of hardened concrete properties, enabling concrete structures to better withstand chemical attack, physical stress and mechanical forces. This translates into less maintenance and a longer service life.

Slag Crusher Machine Manufacturer India

Crushing is the first step in converting slag material into usable products. Essentially, crushing is no more than taking large slags and reducing them to small pieces. Crushing is sometimes continued until only fines remain.

At some operations, all the crushing is accomplished in one step, by a primary crusher. At other operations, crushing is done in two or three steps, with a primary crusher that is followed by a secondary crusher, and sometimes a tertiary crusher. We provides complete range of slag crusher plant and processing equipment for sale. If you want to find slag crusher plant manufacturer in India, please contact us.

Slag Recycling Plant for Sale

Recycling of slag has gained significant importance in the recent years for a variety of reasons. Exploitation of large quantities of ores by metallurgical industries produces enormous amount of industrial wastes. Recycling of metals reduces waste generation and therefore pollution of the environment.

Many different types of plant are involved in slag recycling applications, such as crushing plant, grinding mill, screening machine, classifier, separation machine etc. Please contact us for detailed information.