Slag Crusher Equipment Manufacturer

Slag Recycling Process

In slag recycling process, several different types of machines are involved. Slag crusher equipment is integral in slag recycling plant. Main slag crushing machine that help crush irregular slag shapes into small pieces of required size. Belt conveyor for allowing smooth transfer of material from main machine employed in breaking slag to other slag crushing equipment. Then the slag material will be conveyed to magnetic scrap chips separating machines.

Magnetic scrap chips separating machine to separately sort steel chips and slag residuals. Ball mill for removing dust from metal chips that are separated by magnetic scrap chips separating machine.

Slag Crusher Equipment Manufacturer

Crushing is the first step in converting slag material into usable products. Essentially, crushing is no more than taking large slags and reducing them to small pieces. Crushing is sometimes continued until only fines remain.

At some operations, all the crushing is accomplished in one step, by a primary crusher. At other operations, crushing is done in two or three steps, with a primary crusher that is followed by a secondary crusher, and sometimes a tertiary crusher.

SBM is world leading slag crusher equipment manufacturer and supplier. Our slag crusher is avialable with stationary and portable crushing plants that range in capabilities from 150 tph to 500 tph. It is avialble with jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, gyratory crusher and hammer crusher etc. With our wide range products, it can perfectly match the type of plant required for your material crushing needs.

Slag Crusher Equipment Applications

  • 1. Applied for producing steel slag used in construction industry as aggregates in concrete.
  • 2. Applied for producing steel slag used as aggregate in hot mix asphalt surfaces.
  • 3. Applied for producing ground granulated slag used in concrete in combination with Portland cement.
  • 4. Applied as replacement for fine/coarse aggregates in conventional concrete mixtures that also leads to environmental benefits.