Silica Mill Equipment Price

Silica grinding  mill feeding particle size: ≤ 30mm, processing capacity: 8-176 tons / day, production fineness: 100-500 mesh, all requirements can meet the actual production needs of users, and the flexibility of the use of modified equipment is more Strong, production, fineness, etc. can be adjusted according to the user’s specific use requirements, with a large adjustment range, flexibility and controllability.

The main structure of the silica grinding equipment consists of: frame, blade, grinding roller, cover, grinding ring and other parts.

The design structure of silica grinding equipment, the structure of the whole machine is simple and reasonable, the layout is compact, the grinding granularity is large, the production is high and high, the energy consumption is low, the sealing performance of the whole machine is good, the dust is less, the noise is low, and the modular design is adopted. The fineness can be better adjusted, the pass ratio of the whole machine is higher, the operation is more stable and reliable, and the wear resistance and pressure resistance of each component are strong, and it is durable and has a long service life.

When the type of the selected mill is different, the processing capacity, operation effect, fineness, etc. will be different, and the manufacturing process and cost of the equipment will also have certain differences.

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