Second Hand Cement Plant Price

Cement Production Process

Cement production generally follows a standard series of steps. The focus of this section is on the manufacture of Portland cement, but the basic production steps are common to most other types as well. Portland cement is derived from a combination of calcium (usually in the form of limestone), silica, alumina, iron oxide, and small amounts of other materials.

Second Hand Cement Plant Price

These raw materials are quarried, crushed, ground together, and then burned in rotary kilns. The resulting material is called clinker. The clinker is finely ground into a gray powder and mixed with gypsum to slow down the "setting" of the cement when it is used in concrete. Manufacturers use clinker and specific additives in various proportions to create cements having different properties for specific construction applications.

Second Hand Cement Plant Price

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Cement Raw Material Crusher Machine

Once removed, the raw material (e.g., limestone) is crushed to a smaller size. The type of crusher used is dependent on the nature of the rock (e.g., hardness, lamination, and quarry product size). Common crusher types include: gyratory crusher, jaw crusher, and roll crushers, hammer crusher and impact mills.

Typically, a primary crusher reduces the rock from power shovel size to 0.1 to 0.25 meter in diameter and a secondary crusher reduces the product to 0.01 to 0.05 meters in diameter. This material is then conveyed with other raw materials to the grinding and blending step. We provides complete series of crusher machine for cement production. Please chat online with us for more information.