Quartz Grinding Machine Sale

There are many processing techniques used in processing silica sand in modern time. Meantime, various types of equipment are developed for making silica sand from quartz stone. In silica sand processing production line, the quartz stone and other raw materials will be first crushed and grinded for size reduction.

Grinding is widely used in the silica industry to produce ground silica for the textile fiberglass industry. For the textile fiberglass industry, consistency of chemical components along with size distribution is as important as with other glass products.

For the size distribution, it is important that the ground silica is void of any oversize grains and that the extreme fines be as low as possible. Typically, the textile fiberglass industry uses a product that is either 95 percent passing –75 micron or 95 percent passing 45 micron. The popular grinding mill for silica sand processing includes ball mill, high pressure mill, raymond mill, ultrafine mill, trapezium mill etc.

quartz sand Ball Mill

To grind the crushed quartz sand to customer specified levels, a ball mill is used. The ball mill is essentially a rotating device with a horizontal orientation that moves by using the outer gear. The quill shaft transfers the material to the grinding chamber uniformly. Different types of steel balls are present in the grinding chamber. The constant rotation of the barrel results in a centrifugal force that brings the steel balls to the center of the barrel to grind the crushed materials. A discharging board aids in taking the ground materials away from the chamber.

quartz sand Coarse Powder Mill

A recent development in the quartz sand preparation process, the coarse powder mill is extremely effective. It is used to pre-process a variety of crushable nonflammable and nonexplosive brittle materials that have Mohs below 9. Almost 80 percent of the finished sand in this case can be finer than 1 to 2 mm.

quartz sand washing

Washing is the simplest and lowest cost method of cleaning silica sand. Other techniques includes des, sizing, screening, gravity separation, flotation, drying, magnetic separation, triboelectric separation.

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