Limestone Fineness And Application

Limestone, also known as chalk, aragonite ,white marble, is mainly composed of CaCO3. Its Moh’s hardness is around 3, soft and brittle.

Limestone Mining Process

Feeding System

The limestone in the receiving hopper enters the bucket elevator through the belt conveyor (plus iron remover), the elevator sends the material to the raw material warehouse for grinding, and the belt feeder is installed at the lower part of the raw material warehouse to evenly send the materials to the mill for grinding;

Grinding System

The material is sent to the European mill for grinding, and the finished product after grinding is collected by the powder separator, into the cyclone powder collector and pulse dust collector, and is sent to the screw conveyor from the lower discharge port;

Finished Product Conveying System

The discharge port of the screw conveyor is equipped with a pneumatic conveying system to transport the finished product to the finished product warehouse, and the excess gas is filtered by the dust collector on the top of the warehouse;

Dust Removal System

The whole system is equipped with three pulse dust collectors, and air exhausts are installed at all dust-raising points to ensure that the whole system has no dust leakage and realize dust-free operation on site.

Control System

The system is equipped with an intelligent PLC control cabinet and upper computer to realize the start-stop, monitoring, and interlocking linkage functions of all equipment of the whole system, and reserve DNS interface, which can realize remote control.

Limestone Grinding Mill

Limestone Fineness And Recommended Equipment

Limestone can be divided into four different specifications according to the different grinding fineness:

Fineness Applications Recommended Equipment
40-150 meshes As chemical products, it can be used in construction, wall coating, chemical filler, paper-making material and sealants. MTM Trapezium Mill
MTW Trapezium Mill
150-200 meshes It has low Calcium and can be used in asphalt mixing plant on expressway.
250-325 meshes Desulfurization.

one is 250meshes D90;

the other 325meshes D90.

LM Vertical Mill



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