Jaw Crusher Size And Capacity

Jaw crusher is a crusher machine designed to break large rocks into a a lot more manageable size so as to attain marketplace worth. You can find numerous kinds of jaw crushers considering the fact that they have diverse models and specifications. The commonly used jaw crushers are PE Series jaw crusher, PEW series jaw crusher and so on. As a result of its outstanding efficiency, high quality and competitive price, jaw crusher plays a really important function in metallurgical industry, construction, chemical industry, water conservancy project, communications, mining and quarry and road paving etc.

The decision of jaw crusher depends mostly on the feed material size and also the quantity to become crushed. other aspects such as the requirement of capacity, the final item size requirement and so on need to also be taken into account.

Wedge Adjustment

This device adjusts the discharge opening size through the relative move of the two wedges between toggle plate seat and the frame. Then, screw the nut on the bolt, the adjusting wedge moves up and down along the back wall of the frame, which will drive the front wedge moves forward and backward. The force produced by the movement will drive the toggle plate or the movable jaw plate to adjust the discharge opening to a smaller size.

This adjustment device is very convenient to operate and saves time for customers. But it will add the size and weight of jaw crusher, so this device is suitable for medium or small scaled jaw crusher.

Gasket Adjustment

Putting a set of gaskets with same thickness between the toggle plate seat and the frame, by changing the numbers of gaskets, we can achieve the purpose of adjusting the discharge opening. This device is very simple and suitable for compound adjustment, but it has to be operated while the jaw crusher stops. This device is mainly used in large scaled jaw crusher.