Jaw Crusher Overload Protection Devices

It is well known that jaw crusher is the most commonly used primary quarry crusher in crushing line. And it has large capacity and high crushing efficiency. But sometimes, jaw crusher may over load, and in order to protect other important parts from damage, we need over load protection device. In this article, we introduce common used over load protection devices in jaw crusher.

Jaw Crusher Overload Protection Devices

Jaw Crusher Overload Protection Devices

In the following part, we mainly introduce three kinds of overload protection devices: toggle plate overload protection device, flywheel overload protection device and hydraulic overload protection device.

Toggle Plate Overload Protection Device

In this overload protection device, we usually set certain strength as the strength that the toggle plate will part. When there is overload in jaw crusher, the stress sensitive region increases sharply and reaches to the set strength, then the toggle plate parts. In this case, the transmission force is cut off, avoiding the jaw crusher get damaged. Since the mechanical properties of toggle plate undulates greatly, so it is very difficult to calculate the part strength accurately. Sometimes, jaw crusher cannot get protected. Besides, even the jaw crusher gets protected, but we have to change the toggle plate with new one, which need not only money but also manual power.

Flywheel Overload Protection Device

This device adopts spring friction clutch, hydraulic friction clutch or set safety pin to protect jaw crusher. The friction cultch should not only ensure the transmission of normal working moment but also should make sure the transitive moment below allowable value. When there is uncrushable material enters the crushing cavity, the jaw crusher is overloaded and reaches to the critical moment. At this time, the flywheel slides on the shaft and protects the jaw crusher. But this device is generally used in simple pendulum jaw crushers.

Hydraulic Overload Protection Device

Hydraulic overload protection device adopts oil pressure adjusting device to adjust the effective oil pumping stroke. Compared with the above mentioned overload protection devices, hydraulic overload protection device ensures the production requirements while processing raw materials contain relatively more sundries. All in all, This device is safer than traditional overload protection devices.