Grinding Mill For Processing Slag

With the rapid development of our economy, and science and technology improvement, slag, which is a “hate” waste in a long time, has become a lot of industry chasing the “treasure”. Why is there such a big change? All of this comes from the slag grinding mill. It can process the slag, and become the useful raw materials. It can use as the concrete raw materials in cement production industry. The slag can replace the cement, saving the cost of production.

Slag is the residue by ore dressing and smelting. It is also the waste rock and tailings produced in the process of mining, ore washing and beneficiation. In today’s rapid economic development, the slag discharge is increasing every day. A large number of accumulations in the environment, also cause pollution to the air, soil, water, and cause harm to human health. The comprehensive utilization of slag has become a difficult problem in production. Its existence also lets many enterprises headache.

The emergence of slag ultrafine mill brings a new hope for the enterprise, and points out the direction for the industry. It also helps many enterprises to find the use value of slag and the wealth value. It turns slag waste into treasure.

  1. First of all, according to the proportion, slags are added into the concrete and cement products, and can greatly improve their comprehensive performance, making the high strength cement concrete.
  2. Secondly, slag powder can effectively control the alkali aggregate reaction of cement concrete, improving the durability.
  3. Third, the application of slag differential in sea water project, can significantly improve the anti-corrosion of cement concrete.
  4. Fourth, slag powder can improve the bleeding of concrete, improving the properties of concrete.
  5. Fifth, it can improve the compactness of cement concrete, and improve the concrete anti-permeability.
  6. Sixth, the addition of slag powder can greatly reduce the hydration heat conditions of cement concrete, so that it can be used to configure the large volume concrete.

The widespread use of slag grinding mill makes a great contribution to the slag processing. Slag grinding mill is a historic change of slag industry. its appearance turns the slag waste to treasure, to create a new tomorrow of slag powder.

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