Feldspar Mineral Processing Production Line

Feldspar Mineral And Type

Potash feldspar, also commonly called orthoclase, is a monoclinic system, usually flesh red, white or gray. The density is 2.54-2.57g / cm3, the specific gravity is 2.56-2.59g / cm3, and the hardness is 6. The theoretical composition is SiO2 64.7%, Al2O3 18.4%, and K2O 16.9%.

Feldspar Usage

Feldspar is widely used in ceramic blanks, ceramic glazes, glass, electric porcelain, abrasive materials and other industrial sectors and for potassium fertilizer production.

Feldspar Processing Flow

The material enters the hollow shaft from the feeding device through the hollow shaft and enters the first bin evenly. There is a stepped lining in the bin and steel balls of different specifications. When the cylinder rotates, the steel balls are brought to a certain height and fall. The material has the effect of thumping and grinding. After the material is coarsely ground, it goes from the single-layer compartment board to the second warehouse. There is a flat liner and steel balls in the warehouse to grind the material again, and the powder is discharged from the discharge grate plate.

Core Equipment

The core equipment of feldspar process includes: jaw crusher, impact crusher, and ball mill.

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