Failures And Solutions Of Raymond Mill

During the use of Raymond mill, fault handling needs to be performed in a timely manner so as to extend the service life of the equipment as much as possible.

Analysis of the Failure

  1. Three pieces or other foreign objects are introduced into the mill, which makes the processing of the mill more difficult or impossible, and vibration occurs;
  2. The air velocity of the Raymond mill is high, the materials volume is small, and the thickness of the materials seam on the grinding disc does not meet the required requirements;
  3. The automatic loading hydraulic system of the Raymond mill has a failure, which makes the loading force insufficient or the grinding rollers not turning, which further increases the difficulty in producing materials powder and triggers its vibration phenomenon;
  4. Materials quality changes, there is more materials, the automatic slag discharge system is full;
  5. The nozzle ring of the Raymond mill is severely worn, the operating conditions inside the mill are unstable or the temperature inside the mill is low;
  6. There is no or little materials in the grinding disc of the Raymond mill;
  7. The raw materials has too much moisture and it is agglomerated;
  8. Parts in the Raymond mill fall off;


  1. If three pieces of iron (wood, wood, stone) enter the Raymond mill and cause large vibrations that cannot be eliminated during operation, the vibration mill needs to be stopped and the temperature inside the mill will drop below 50 ° C;
  2. Under the premise of ensuring the outlet temperature of the Raymond mill, adjust the primary air volume at its inlet to meet the wind-materials ratio curve of the Raymond mill;
  3. If the Raymond mill’s grinding rollers are severely worn, overhaul of the defective Raymond mill should be carried out and the worn mills should be replaced;
  4. Strengthen fuel management and prevent three pieces (iron block, wooden block, stone block) from entering the Raymond mill;
  5. Regularly check the operation of the slag box slag discharge system of the Raymond mill. If the automatic slag box slag discharge system is found to be faulty, it needs to be dealt with in a timely manner;
  6. Regularly check the working condition of the hydraulic automatic loading device. If the loading force is not enough, contact the inspection personnel in time to handle it. In addition, adjust the load of the Raymond mill to ensure that the materials supply is not less than 40% of the Raymond mill.

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