Development Stage Of Mill In China

Description: In the market, there is a lot of milling machine varieties. It mainly is the high-pressure grinding mill, superfine grinding machine, machine, vertical milling machine, trapezium mill etc. With the rapid development of powder industry, the mill requirements are increasing high. But at present our country’s mill production line still has some problems, and can not meet the industrial production need. In China, the grinder technology is not mature, and the grinding mill is in the development stage.

Milling machine industry has gone through the extensive development stage, which relies on cheap labor advantage and the expense of the environment. Complies with the international trend of the development of low carbon economy, milling machine industry is actively exploring the path toward the development of energy saving and environmental protection. In China, it is in this transitional development stage. This not only requires the government at all levels to further change ideas, also need the general milling machine manufacturing enterprises to further emancipate the mind, broaden our horizons. In addition, it more need to treat the industry with the internationalization strategic vision.

Grinding mill ultrafine comminution technology is a new engineering technology, which is along with the industry of modern high technology and new materials. It has become the most important industrial minerals and other raw materials processing technology. It has the very important significance to the development of modern high technology industry.

In China, milling machine industry starts late. In the 90 years ago, grinding mill can only process the low hardness material. Although it is still in the development stage, the grinding mill is currently rapid development. Currently, our country’s grinding mill should comply with the society development. The development direction has the following aspects: environmental protection, large-scale machinery, catering to the market demand, and technological innovation. Our country is currently in the development stage. This is we must experience. Only we succeed to experience the development stage, can the grinding mill technology go to the maturity stage. Our country grinding mill will be mature.

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