Cement Grinding Mill Manufacturer in India

Grinding occurs at the beginning and the end of the cement making process. Approximately 1.5 tons of raw materials are required to produce 1 ton of finished cement. As professional and famous cement grinding mill manufacturer in India, ZENITH’s ball mill is designed for grinding clinker, gypsum and dry or moist additives to any type of cement.

Cement ball mill introduction:

Cement ball mill may operate in either open or closed circuit and with or without a pre grinder to achieve maximum overall grinding efficiency and high flexibility in terms of product quality. The mill has large through-flow areas, which allows it to operate with large volumes of venting air and a low pressure drop across the mill. Hence the energy consumption of the mill ventilation fan is low. The mill consists of standard modules and can be adapted to specific requirements in terms of plant layout, mill drive, lining types and end product specifications, as required.
Proven cement grinding mill design:

Mill body:

The mill body consists of an all-welded mill shell and a T-sectional welded-up slide ring at end, the cylindrical part of which is welded onto the ends of the shell. Side-driven mills have a reinforced shell section with a flange for bolting on the girth gear.

Slide shoe bearings:

Each slide ring runs in a bearing with two self-aligning and hydro dynamically lubricated slide shoes. One of the slide shoes at the drive end holds the mill in axial direction. In the others, the slide rings can move freely in axial direction to allow for longitudinal thermal expansion and contraction of the mill body.


The mill drive is provided with an auxiliary drive for slow turning of the mill and is lubricated from an integrated oil lubrication system with circulation pump, oil filter and oil cooler. The drive is protected by a gear guard with oil seals and inspection doors.


The inlet duct is equipped with a manually operated throttle valve and a pressure monitor to adjust the pressure at the inlet end, thus preventing dust emission from the inlet.


The mill has a stationary steel plate outlet casing that is insulated with mineral wool and provided with seals between the casing and the rotating outlet cone.

Cement grinding machine for sale:

Being the cement grinding mill manufacturer in India, ZENITH will offer the advanced cement ball mill to all the contractors. The high quality machines will help clients reduce the production costs and make more money. After-sales services are also offered around the world. More detailed information needed? Please consult us online. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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