Cement Grinding And Packaging Machine

Cement is a kind of cementitious material and one of the most important construction materials in the world today. Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of construction, the demand of cement is getting higher and higher. So how to produce cement without pollute the environment is a big problem. ZENITH can provide environmentally friendly cement grinding machine for the customers. The remarkable breakthrough of this mill is the green production.

The main materials used to make cement are limestone, fly ash and slag. After crushing, grinding and a series of processes, the raw materials can be made to cement raw materials. And then feed the raw materials into cement kiln for burning, there will produce clinker. Finally, grind the clinker into proper sizes. In this whole production line, cement grinding mill is the core equipment which directly affects the fineness and quality of the cement.

ZENITH cement grinding mill adopts the latest technology from China and abroad. It sets crushing, drying, grinding and classifying in one set, greatly save space and investment capital for the customers. There are two different grinding systems, one is open circuit the other is closed circuit. In this case, this cement grinding mill can meet different grinding requirements from the customers. What’s more, the final product size is easy to adjust because of the unique discharge adjusting device.

As we know, a lot of cement are sold in bags, so how to package the produced cement simply and efficient? To solve this problem, ZENITH provides packaging machine for the customers. This packaging machine is very easy to operate and convenient to maintain. There are different packaging weights 5-25kg and 10-50kg. The customers can choose packaging weight according to their own requirements.

No matter you are interested in the whole production line or just one machine, we will do our best to help. So feel free to contact us.

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