Bentonite Vertical Mill for Sale

Bentonite mine is widely used in the production and life, and made a great contribution to the industrial, construction, pharmaceutical industry. The bentonite ore processing production line: rougher (except for sand and gravel, and organic impurities) → crushed to 200 mesh → acid activation → centrifuge washing → secondary washing → three washing → four washing → centrifugal separation → drying, crushing → activeclay. We will provide you with a high-quality the bentonite processing equipment to help you complete the production plan.

Bentonite Vertical Mill

Bentonite Vertical Mill for Sale

At the same time, bentonite crushing equipment and grinding equipment are essential throughout the process. For bentonite grinding equipment, we will recommend to our vertical mill. Bentonite vertical mill for sale is better in Malaysia. LM series vertical milling machine classifiers roller devices, disc device, pressure device, reducer, motor, shell and other components.

Separator is a highly efficient, energy-saving classifier device. The grinding roller is used for material compacted crushed parts.The millstone fixed at the reducer output shaft, is the grinding rolls RCC bentonite.

Pressurizing means provided for the grinding roller the DRUM pressure member, to provide sufficient pressure to crush the bentonite to the grinding rolls. It has many advantages: low investment costs, low operating costs and ability drying, easy to operate, reliable operation, product quality and stability, easy maintenance, and environmental protection.

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