Barite Mill For Sale

What Is Barite Used For

Barite can be produced in sedimentary rocks and appears as nodules, mostly in sedimentary manganese deposits and argillaceous and sandy sedimentary rocks in shallow seas.

How Is Barite Mined

Barite is brittle and fragile, so in the crushing process, jaw crusher is recommended to avoid the use of reverse crusher or hammer crusher, because it is necessary to reduce the crushing of barite to produce a large amount of powder. Raw ore can get better crushing effect through jaw crusher.

The barite reselection process mainly uses a jig to perform gravity separation of the barite ore. The jig has a large selection size and a wide range of selection grades. At the same time, it has a large processing capacity, high recovery rate, and energy saving. High efficiency, environmental protection and other mineral processing advantages.

After obtaining high purity barite, it is necessary to use the milling process. The barite mill series includes Raymond mill, XZM  ultrafine mill and LUM vertical roller mill etc. The fineness required in other fields has greatly expanded the scope of application of barite.

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