Ball Mill For Sale in India

Being a famous and professional ball mill manufacturer around the world, ZENITH provide all kinds of machines to meet the contractors’ production needs, such as the 20 tons per hour capacity ball mill in India. We design and produce the different specifications of machines according to different customers’ needs. Based on the high quality and advanced technology, our ball mill has been exported to more than 30 countries and areas, such as, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil and South Africa etc.

20 tons Per hour capacity ball mill

Milling, sometimes also known as fine grinding, pulverizing or crushing, is the process of reducing materials to a powder of fine or very fine size. It is distinct from crushing or granulation, which involves size reduction to a rock, pebble or grain size. Milling is used to produce a variety of materials which either have end uses themselves or are raw materials or additives used in the manufacture of other products.

A wide range of mills has been developed for particular applications, such as the 20 tons per hour capacity ball mill in India. The mill consists of a cylindrical drum, sometimes tapered at one end, and usually has a charge of steel balls (up to 40% by volume) ranging in size up to 125mm for larger mills.

Product size can be as small as 0.005mm, but product size is dependent upon the time the charge spends in the grinding zone and therefore the reduction rate is a function of the throughput. The lining material is of great importance as there is a significant amount of wear taking place due to the action of the steel balls. The speed of rotation is optimum at about 75% of critical speed.

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