XZM Ultrafine Mill

XZM Ultrafine Mill

A new type superfine powder (325-2500 mesh) processing equipment

XZM series ultrafine mill is the result of Chinese and Swedish advanced technologies, and is the latest product leading the world trend of powder mill. It is suitable for the grinding of calcite, limestone, dolomite, talc, kaolin, bentonite, magnetite, barite, gypsum, graphite, phosphate ore etc.

  • The feed size: <10mm
  • The finished product: 325-2500mesh
  • The production capacity: 400-4500Kg/H


Application of Ultrafine Mill Production Line

Superfine mill is widely used in chemical industry, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal mine, glass and other industries. In China, the most important areas of application are cement industry, paving and mining. The ultrafine mill used in these two industries account for about 30% of the industry. In the crusher industry as a whole to improve the situation, ultra-fine crusher has also been a good optimization and upgrading, on the one hand better energy-saving, improve grinding efficiency. On the other hand, the discharge fineness is more accurate, more uniform and finer.

Ultrafine Mill Working Principle

The material enters into the host, and falls down the central of bulk material disk. Due to the high speed rotary of turntable, the materials move to the round, and fall into the loop between grinding roller and grinding ring. The materials are grinded.

After the first layer of grinding, the materials will fall into the lower layer for grinding again. Afterwards, the materials are taken into the powder selecting machine by fan airflow. The material that does not meet the size requirement, falls into the host to grinding again. The material that meets the size requirement, enters into the cyclone powder collector. The materials do separation and collection. The finished product powder is discharged from the discharging device.

XZM Ultrafine Mill Feature And Advantages

Pollution and noise are lightened by using deduster and muffler so as to reach the requirement of national environmental protection. The machine adopts advanced intelligent speed control device. High Output and low energy consumption.

Advanced intelligent speed control device makes it have a high capacity and low consumption. The use of pulse dust collector and the muffler reduce the pollution of dust and noise. High using rate of the quick-wear part. Improved service life of critical components.

Product Parameters

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