Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is a well-known grinding equipment with a long history. As traditional Raymond mill discharge fineness and low power consumption, low noise, big problems, low system efficiency of performance has been plagued by mineral processing enterprises and mill equipment manufacturers.

After many years of experience accumulation, We have developed Raymond Mill’s upgraded products, such as LUM vertical roller mill, XZM ultrafine mill ect.

maintenance of Raymond mill

In order to ensure smooth production of Raymond mills pulverizer, the daily maintenance is very important. Generally speaking, the maintenance work includes shovel and lubrication. The lubrication system of Raymond mill is crucial. Because Raymond mill belongs to powder machinery, hence, lubrication and sealing problems are particularly important. When adding lubricating oil, we must pay special attention to time and period. Besides, we should also check the oil level and reduce the possibility of the lack of lubricating oil.

Pay Attention To The Temperature

During Raymond mill operation, you should always pay attention to the bearing temperature shall not exceed 50 to 65 C. Should always pay attention to the motor, voltage, current, temperature, sound, and so on.

Pay attention to the lubrication system, oil tank shall not exceed 35 ~ 40 c tubing pressure should be maintained at 1.5 to 2.0 kg / cm

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