XZM Ultraifne Mill For Fly Ash Processing


Fly ash is a kind of mineral admixture of volcanic ash and flue ash discharged from coal-fired boilers in thermal power plants. Fly ash consists of crystals, vitreous bodies and a small amount of unburned carbon particles.

The processed fly ash can be widely used in brick factory, cement factory, ceramics, glass, steel, chemical fertilizer, plastics, rubber, road foundation engineering, concrete engineering and so on. XZM Ultrafine Mill is recommended for grinding ultrafine fly ash powder.

The Fine grinding of fly ash is an important way to increase the dosage and added value of fly ash.

The activity of fly ash can be improved by grinding, so that it can be used in cement, concrete, wall materials and other building materials with a larger dosage.

The market value of ground fly ash will increase accordingly.

Usually, the secondary and tertiary fly ash are mainly ground to a level of ash.

At present, fly ash has been ground in many places in China to improve its use value.

The specific surface area of ultrafine fly ash is generally 700-1000m2/kg, and the dosage in 425 cement can be as high as 45%.

Fly ash can also be ground to the specific surface area of 2000m2/kg above and modifie d, used to replace carbon black or non-metallic mineral powder used as rubber, plastic and other industrial filler.

XZM Ultrafine Mill is recommended to produce high fineness ultrafine fly ash. The advantages of XZM Ultrafine Mill for producing high fineness ultrafine fly ash powder is : low equipment cost, easy fineness adjustment, less investment for land and building construction, high operation stability.



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