XZM Ultrafine Powder Mill Intelligent Electrical Control Cabinet


Function Description

Realization function:

1. Full-process automatic control, realizing one-key start and stop functions

2. Motor failure interlock protection, process failure interlock protection.

3. Convenience of automatic feeding operation and other operations.

4. Simplification of parameter settings.

5. Time value setting for startup process and shutdown process

6. The PLC stores 4 kinds of formulas to realize the convenience of operation.

7. Automatic adjustment function at the beginning of booting.


Daily maintenance of the Electrical Control Cabinet system

● When the motor wiring inspection box needs to be opened for maintenance, the main power switch of the control cabinet must be cut off.

● Regularly inspect and maintain the inside of the control cabinet. After the main power supply is cut off, check whether the sealing of the control cabinet is in good condition, and clean the internal dust to ensure that no foreign matter enters the cabinet to cause a short circuit; check whether the terminal connection is in good condition, and whether there is any looseness or fire traces.

● Regularly check the various functions of the system, such as whether the test indicator is good, whether the transfer switch is normal, whether the emergency stop button is effective, etc. If there is any fault, replace it in time.

● Inverters, PLCs and other components have relatively high environmental requirements. The electrical cabinet room must be well ventilated and dust-proof. If necessary, install air-conditioning.

● The fan in the control cabinet is a vulnerable part and should be checked carefully. Fan damage is divided into electrical damage and bearing damage: electrical damage, the fan will not run, which can be found in daily inspections, and should be replaced immediately after discovery: bearing damage, it can be found that the noise and vibration of the fan during operation have increased significantly. It should be replaced as soon as possible. The fans can also be replaced uniformly after the fans have been used for a certain number of years (usually about 2 years).

● The contactor makes a noise after it is closed:

When starting the motor, the corresponding contactor should be closed immediately, accompanied by a crisp pull-in sound. If the contactor makes a continuous “Da, Da, Da” noise after being sucked in, it is possible that the contactor core cannot be sucked in normally due to foreign objects falling into the contactor.

The noisy contactor should be removed and disassembled, the foreign matter on the contact surface of the iron core should be removed, and then the contactor should be reinstalled as it is.



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