Why Are Vertical Mills Favored By Powder Processing Companies


Vertical mill is a kind of high-efficiency, energy-saving and drying integrated grinding equipment that has been researched and designed based on the extensive absorption of the advanced technology of foreign-made vertical mills, combined with years of practical experience of domestic manufacturers. Vertical mills are put into operation in cement, metallurgy, chemical, non-metal, non-ferrous metal ore grinding, power plant coal grinding and other industries. They are used to grind cement raw material, clinker (slag), coal, gypsum, calcite, quartz, and zinc. , Tin and other minerals.

During the use of the pulverizer, the internal equipment will be damaged to a certain extent due to the grinding material. The roller and disc device needs to be updated in time, and the operating cost will be high, but why does the vertical mill say that the operating cost is low?

1. The vertical mill has high grinding efficiency and low power consumption. Compared with ball mills, it reduces power consumption by 40-50%;

2. Special materials for grinding wheels and discs have less abrasion and long service life, reducing subsequent maintenance costs;

3. It can be equipped with an external circulation device, which can further reduce power consumption.

Therefore, vertical mills are more and more favored by stone powder processing enterprises. The custom sites as follow:

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