What To Do If Grinding Mill Is Abnormally Vibrating


Improper feeding or improper installation may cause vibration of the mill, and the severe vibration of the mill will affect the service life of the equipment. In order to prevent accidents, we must fully understand and eliminate the source of the vibration phenomenon.

Improper Feeding

The applicable materials and feed particle size of each mill have a clear range, and the hardness of the material is not within the machine’s operating range, and it cannot be entered into the machine. Otherwise, it exceeds the working range of the mill and causes excessive pressure.

If the particle size of the material is too small and too fine, a complete material layer cannot be formed in the grinding cavity, and the grinding roller and the grinding ring directly contact and rub between the two, causing the phenomenon of vibration of the grinding machine.

In addition, the feeding amount will also cause the grinding machine to vibrate, so the user should not only check the matching of the material and the equipment before feeding, but also check whether the feeder can continuously and evenly feed material.

Improper Installation

The grinding roller component plays an important role in the grinding work. In general, users find that the component is deformed and damaged and need to be replaced in time. After replacement, it is not installed correctly or the model is wrong, resulting in severe vibration during the grinding process.

The loosening of the anchor bolts of the main machine is a direct cause of vibration. If the stability decreases, the vibration of the milling equipment will increase, and the staff can slow down by tightening the bolts in time.




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