What Is The Role Of Quartz Sand


The quartz sand beneficiation process is mainly to remove impurities and purify, remove a small or tiny amount of impurities in the quartz sand, and obtain a highly difficult separation technology for refined quartz sand or high-purity quartz sand.

Quartz sand technology mainly includes quartz sand impurity analysis and impurity removal technology, quartz sand purification technology and so on. It is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, and drying-integrated grinding equipment designed by research and design. Vertical mills are put into operation in cement, metallurgy, chemical, non-metal, non-ferrous metal ore grinding, power plant coal grinding and other industries. They are used to grind cement raw material, clinker (slag), coal, gypsum, calcite, quartz, and zinc. Tin and other minerals.

What Is The Role Of Quartz Sand:

1. Quartz sand is the main raw material for manufacturing glass flat glass, float glass, glass products, optical glass, glass instruments, conductive glass and ray special glass.

2. Quartz sand is the raw material for ceramics and refractory porcelain, raw materials for ordinary silicon bricks and silicon carbide, and raw materials for metallurgical silicon metal, ferrosilicon alloy and silicon aluminum alloy.

3. Quartz sand can be used as a water treatment filter material, because the particle size of the quartz sand in the three-layer filter bed is smaller than that of the double-layer filter material, and there is a layer of finer heavy anthracite filter material under the quartz sand layer , So under the same other conditions, or even higher filtration rate, the water quality of the three-layer filter media filter is better than the water quality of the double-layer filter media filter. When using quartz sand, try to cooperate with it.



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