What Is Silica White


Silica white is the general term for white powdery X-ray amorphous silicic acid and silicate products. It mainly refers to precipitated silica, fumed silica and ultrafine silica gel. It also includes powdered synthetic aluminum silicate and calcium silicate. Silica is a porous substance, soluble in caustic alkali and hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in water, solvents and acids (except hydrofluoric acid). High temperature resistance, non-combustible, tasteless, odorless, with good electrical insulation.

The main application of silica white:

1. Rubber products: Silica is used as a substitute for carbon black in colored rubber products for reinforcement to meet the needs of producing white or translucent products. Silica also has super strong adhesion, tear resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance, so it can also replace part of carbon black in black rubber products to obtain high-quality rubber products, such as off-road tires and engineering tires, Radial tires, etc.

2. Agricultural chemical products: In agricultural chemical products, such as pesticides, high-efficiency spray fertilizers, etc., silica white is used as a carrier or diluent, disintegrant, and as a disintegrating agent. Because it has super high surface area, high adsorption capacity, easy suspension, good affinity and chemical stability. Silica remains unchanged for a long time even under rain, washing and hot conditions.

3. Daily-use chemical products: transparent, colored and opaque toothpaste where silica white is used as filler and abrasive agent in daily-use chemical products. Usually, this kind of toothpaste has good flexibility and dispersibility, and the paste is smooth, soft and abrasive. Well, not abrasive to the toothpaste tube. It can keep the drug properties of toothpaste stable, especially has good compatibility with fluoride, and can avoid the disadvantages of insoluble salt produced by calcium salt as abrasive.

4. Cementing agent: Silica is used in adhesives made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber to provide thixotropy and reinforcement. At the same time, due to its extensibility, it can also improve adhesion, high quality and low price.

5. Anti-caking agent: Silica can be used in some products to improve free flow, such as lawn fertilizer, fungicide, laundry bleach, plastic products of phenol and urea, rubber sulfur and anti-caking mixture.

6. Paper-making filler: Silica as paper filler can improve the ink penetration resistance and mechanical strength of paper, increase whiteness and reduce unit weight. It can effectively reduce the weight of paper, reduce production costs and improve paper performance.

In addition, silica can also be used in fire-fighting agents, feed, cosmetics, matting agents, pigments, paints and many other industries.



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