What Is Limestone Commonly Used For


Metallurgical Industry


Use quicklime as slagging material to remove harmful impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus

Smelt Iron

Limestone is used as solvent to remove gangue

Calcium Carbide

Quicklime is made by reacting with coke in an electric furnace


In the process of alumina production, alkali liquor needs to be added for chemical reaction and lime needs to be added for catalysis

Construction Industry


It is mixed with limestone and clay and calcined at high temperature


It is prepared by mixing limestone and clay and calcining at high temperature


Road and bridge building. Hydrated lime is mixed into lime slurry, lime paste, lime mortar, etc., which is used as coating material and brick and tile adhesive

Chemical Industry

Soda Ash

Limestone, salt, ammonia and other raw materials are prepared by reaction

Caustic Soda

It is prepared by the reaction of hydrated lime and soda ash

Bleaching Agents

It is prepared by the reaction of pure hydrated lime and chlorine

Calcium Salt

Limestone is chemically processed into important calcium salts such as calcium chloride, calcium nitrate and calcium sulfite


Pure powdered active lime is used as filler for rubber, plastics, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc


The alkali lime made of lime and caustic soda is used as the absorbent of carbon dioxide and softener. Hydrated lime can remove the temporary hardness of water and is used as hard water


Other quicklime can also be used as desiccant and disinfectant

Environmental Protection Field

The treatment of industrial wastewater and waste gas is mainly used for desulfurization.

Agricultural Field

It is mainly used for soil transformation, pest control and pesticides, such as Bordeaux liquid.



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