What Are Tailings In Limestone Mining


After the limestone mine is mined, the remaining tailings are composed of stone chips and stone powder, which can be processed and utilized to generate new value.

Utilization Of Stone Chips

The particle size of stone chips is generally finer than sand and gravel. After shaping and screening, it can be used as concrete fine aggregate instead of natural sand, mixed with gravel aggregate, and used for engineering infrastructure construction. Part of the stone chips mixed with more stone powder or needle-like granular particles can be directly ground with stone powder and used as a raw material for concrete admixtures or concrete precast parts without wasting any resources. Especially now that the mining of natural river sand is prohibited, and the use of stone chips to be processed into fine aggregate instead is an efficient and economical method with obvious economic and social benefits.

Utilization Of Stone Powder

Stone powder generally has a particle size of less than 0.075mm. It can be used as a concrete admixture. It has significant advantages. It can accelerate cement hydration, increase the fluidity of the mixture, improve the pore structure of concrete, and has an active effect. Limestone powder is used as a concrete admixture. Related national and local standards have been issued for the composite materials, and the use specifications are clear. In addition, stone powder can also be used in the manufacture of new prefabricated components, that is, concrete precast parts. Studies have shown that limestone powder can effectively improve the fluidity and anti-separation of concrete, and promote concrete forming.

Stone Powder Product Extension

Some high-taste limestone tailings can be processed into related products such as desulfurization powder, metallurgical high-calcium powder, light calcium carbonate, etc., to further expand their application range. The most common method currently used for desulfurization in power plants is limestone desulfurization, which is also a method with significant desulfurization effects. In the form of stricter environmental protection, the consumption of desulfurization powder is huge. In the iron and steel metallurgy process, the traditional sintering process generally uses quicklime, but in recent years, with the continuous optimization of the production structure, the industry has gradually replaced the quicklime with high calcium stone powder, which also achieved good results and lower costs. High calcium stone powder has gradually become the mainstream sintering solvent. Light calcium is one of the main products of calcium carbonate. It is widely used in industry. Limestone tailings can be produced by a series of processing techniques.

Tailings are general solid waste in bulk industries. In recent years, the comprehensive treatment of solid waste has become the focus of more and more attention. Limestone tailings have high comprehensive utilization value and can be processed and reused in multiple ways and channels. We can customize a complete tailings treatment plan to improve economic efficiency.



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