Unlimited Development Potential Of Graphite


Graphite is an important non-metallic mineral resource, which can be divided into cryptocrystalline (microcrystalline) and crystalline according to different crystal morphology. Microcrystalline graphite is the product of coal metamorphism, which is a compact aggregate composed of crystals less than 1 micron in diameter, also known as earthy graphite or amorphous graphite; Crystalline graphite is the product of rock metamorphism, the crystal is large, mostly scaly. Graphite is widely used in iron and steel, chemical industry, electronics, aerospace, national defense and military industry due to its excellent properties of high temperature resistance, lubrication, thermal shock resistance, chemical stability, conductivity and heat conduction.

In recent years, some key enterprises, universities and research institutes have increased R & D investment and strengthened technological research, and have preliminarily mastered the key technologies such as high temperature purification of microcrystalline graphite and preparation of isotropic graphite. At present, through the adoption of these key technologies, a certain scale of production capacity of lithium-ion battery anode materials, graphite crucible, special carbon and other high value-added products has been formed.

Graphite plays an increasingly important role in high-tech, nuclear energy and defense industry.

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