Trapezium Mill For Coal Grinding


The medium speed coal pulverizer is used to grind raw coal to achieve the fineness of coal powder required for combustion in the furnace. The boiler pulverized coal can be processed with a medium speed coal pulverizer.

1.Raw coal (diameter equal to or less than 38 mm) is fed to the rotating grinding bowl via a coal feed pipe connected to the center of the coal feeder. The amount of coal fed is automatically determined according to the amount of power generated by the generator set, coal quality and the number of medium-speed coal mills put into operation.

2.After the raw coal falls into the grinding bowl, it moves radially outwards to the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force. Due to the radial and circumferential movement, the coal passes under the grinding roller device which can be passively rotated around the axis, whereby the grinding force generated by the spring-loaded device is exerted on the coal by the rotating grinding roller.

3.The grinding roller device makes coal form a coal bed under the grinding roller, and grinds into powder between the grinding bowl liner and the grinding roller.

During the grinding of coal, the smaller and lighter particles are continuously blown from the grinding bowl by the gaseous transport medium (hot air or flue gas). Air has three functions:

The conveying air is supplied by a primary fan located upstream of the medium-speed coal mill, and the primary fan provides positive pressure.



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