Tips For Adding Steel Balls In Ball Mill


The steel ball is the grinding medium of the ball mill equipment, and the grinding effect is produced by the collision and friction between the steel ball and the material.

During the working process of the ball mill, whether the grinding body steel ball gradation is reasonable or not is related to the working efficiency of the equipment. Reasonable selection of the ball mill steel ball gradation is an indispensable measure to improve the output and quality of the ball mill.

The Basic Principle Of Steel Ball Grading

Factors To Be Considered When The Steel Balls Are Proportioned

Skills For Adding Steel Balls In Ball Mill

After the ball mill is installed, after normal continuous operation for two or three days, check the meshing of the large and small gears. When everything is normal, add the remaining 20% ​​steel balls.

The proportion of steel balls in the ball mill is a more complicated technical issue. Each ore dressing plant must carefully analyze its actual situation and find out the suitable ball ratio.



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