The Movement Pattern Of Steel Ball In Ball Mill Tube


To a certain extent, the movement of the grinding medium in the cylinder affects the grinding efficiency of the ball mill.

The working environment of ball mill is divided into the following categories:

(1) In the surrounding and falling movement area, there is little or no filling in the barrel, so that the material can do uniform circular movement or falling movement in the barrel, and the impact probability between the steel ball and the steel ball becomes larger, which makes the steel ball and the lining plate wear, further reducing the efficiency of the ball mill;

(2) Drop the moving area and fill it properly. At this time, the steel ball impacts the material, making the efficiency of the ball mill relatively high;

(3) In the area around the center of the ball mill, the steel ball’s circular motion or the mixing of the falling motion and the throwing motion limits the movement range of the steel ball, and the wear and impact effect are small;

(4) In the blank area, the steel ball does not move. If the amount of filling is too much, the range of movement of the steel ball is small or does not move, then it will cause a waste of resources, and it is easy to make the ball mill malfunction.

When the filling amount is very little or even no, the ball mill is subject to large loss, which mainly comes from the impact of steel balls on materials. Now, the general ball mill is horizontal. In order to effectively reduce the loss of non-material by the ball mill, a vertical ball mill has appeared. In the traditional ball milling equipment, the barrel of the ball mill is rotating, while the barrel of the agitating equipment is stationary. It mainly depends on the spiral mixing device to disturb and stir the steel balls and materials in the barrel. The ball and materials rotate in the equipment under the action of the vertical mixing device. In this way, the materials only interact with the steel balls until they are crushed, so it is very suitable for fine grinding and fine grinding operations.


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