The Influence Of Grinding Aids On The Grinding Effect Of Quartz


Grinding aids can improve the grinding efficiency of materials and reduce the energy consumption of grinding.

When the optimum dosages of single grinding aid sodium silicate and sodium hexametaphosphate are 0.5% and 0.3%, the content of -0.043mm particle size in quartz grinding products increases by 6.56 percentage points and 7.57 percentage points respectively; When the combined grinding aid is added at the optimal amount of 0.5%, the content of -0.043mm particle size is increased by 9.90% respectively compared with no grinding aid and single grinding aid sodium silicate and sodium hexametaphosphate. , 3.34 percentage points and 2.23 percentage points, significantly improving the grinding efficiency of quartz.

The slurry viscosity test found that the combined grinding aids significantly reduced the slurry viscosity and promoted the dispersion and fluidity of the slurry; infrared spectroscopy, solution chemistry calculations and XPS surface element analysis showed that the pH of the grinding slurry was 9.89 , The calcium ions in the grinding water are adsorbed on the surface of the quartz, and Si-O-Ca+ active sites are generated on the surface of the quartz. The combined grinding aid uses HPO42- and HSiO3- as the main active substances. Strong, strong chemical adsorption will occur on the surface of quartz activated by Ca2+; adsorption energy calculations show that the adsorption of the combined grinding aid on the surface of activated quartz is stronger than that of two single grinding aids, which will reduce the quartz surface through adsorption Hardness and tensile strength can significantly improve the grinding efficiency of quartz.

Sodium silicate and sodium hexametaphosphate may have a synergistic effect in the quartz powder process. Sodium silicate can significantly reduce the viscosity of the slurry, and the adsorption of sodium hexametaphosphate on the quartz surface is stronger than sodium silicate, so it will significantly reduce the specific surface energy of quartz, and the combined grinding aid has the advantages of both, so the grinding aid effect is the best.



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