The Application Of Zeolite


Introduction Of Zeolite

Molecular formula: MxOy [Alx + 2ySin- (x + 2y) O2n] • mH2O. Properties: A wide range of silicate minerals. It consists of a three-dimensional lattice of silicon-oxygen tetrahedrons and aluminum-oxygen tetrahedrons connected by a common oxygen. The excess negative charge generated by trivalent aluminum replacing tetravalent silicon consists of monovalent or divalent metal cations, usually alkali metals or alkaline earth Balanced by metal cations.

Zeolite For Washing Industry

Used in the washing industry as raw materials for soaps, toilet soaps, transparent soaps, whitening soaps, washing pastes, and washing powders to improve the appearance quality of products, improve the washing effect, and reduce production costs.

Zeolite For Plastics Industry

Used in the plastics industry, can be used in stabilizers, engineering plastics, polymer materials and other products, play a role in assisting thermal stability, adsorption, flame retardant and smoke suppression.

Zeolite In Coating Industry

Used in the coating industry, used to disperse, fill, etc. used in construction, used to fill, enhance hardness, etc. Used in cement, increase cement stability and increase tensile and compressive strength, and become a good activity of cement Mixed material.

Zeolite In Agriculture Industry

Zeolite is used in laying hens to increase egg production rate, egg weight, eggshell thickness, feed utilization and the content of iron, copper, cobalt, manganese and essential amino acids in eggs. Studies have reported that the addition of 3% and 5% zeolite to Hailan brown commercial layer hen diet can significantly increase egg production rate and reduce feed-to-egg ratio.




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