Talc Uses And Mining Processing


Introduction of Talc

Talc is formed under hydrothermal conditions and is a typical mineral of weaker regional metamorphism (regional dynamo-thermometamorphism). It often occurs in association with chlorite, serpentine, or magnesite. The main parent rocks that undergo metamorphic mineral reactions leading to talc formation are either ( magnesite-bearing) siliceous dolomites, or olivine- and/or pyroxene- containing ultrabasics.

Cosmetic Grade Talcum Powder

Uses: It is a high-quality filler in the cosmetics industry.

Features: Contains a large amount of silicon. It has the function of blocking infrared rays, so it enhances the sunscreen and infrared resistance of cosmetics. In addition, the color of raw materials used is white, gray-green, milky white, light red, light blue, light gray, etc.

Talc for Rubber Industry

Used for fillers of polypropylene, nylon, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polystyrene and polyester plastics and anti-sticking agent and filler of rubber products

Features: High acid insolubles, Good insulation performance, good heat resistance, and strong impact strength. Usage: Used in cables, rubber reinforcements, cable isolator

Talc For Painting Industry

Paint Grade Talc & Paint Grade Talc

Features: High whiteness and strong hiding power.

Uses: Chemically inert, low oil absorption, can improve the dispersibility of the coating. Mainly used in architectural coatings for interior and exterior walls.

Talc for Ceramics

Ceramic grade talc powder is mainly used in: industrial ceramics, electrical ceramics, and some medium and high-grade ceramic products, etc., can improve product performance; porcelain clay mixed with a certain amount of talc powder can be made into various special ceramic products.

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