Steel Slag Properties And Steel Slag Powder Production


Steel slag is a by-product of steel scoria steelmaking process. It is composed of various oxides formed by the oxidation of impurities such as silicon, manganese, phosphorus, and sulfur in pig iron during the smelting process, and the salts formed by the reaction of these oxides with solvents. Steel slag contains a variety of useful components: metallic iron 2%-8%, calcium oxide 40%-60%, magnesium oxide 3%-10%, manganese oxide 1%-8%, so it can be used as a raw material for iron and steel metallurgy. The mineral composition of steel slag is dominated by tricalcium silicate, followed by dicalcium silicate, RO phase, dicalcium ferrite and free calcium oxide. Steel slag is clinker, which is a remelting phase and has a low melting temperature. When remelting, the liquid phase is formed early and the fluidity is good. Steel slag is divided into three types: electric furnace steel slag, open hearth steel slag and converter steel slag.

There are two main ways for the comprehensive utilization of steel slag as a secondary resource. One is to be recycled in the plant as a smelting solvent, which can not only replace limestone, but also can recover a large amount of metallic iron and other useful elements from it; the other is as a road building material , Building materials or raw materials for agricultural fertilizers.

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National standard for technical specification of granulated blast furnace slag powder used in cement and concrete

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