Start-up Sequence of Shanghai Zenith LM Vertical Roller Mill


A. Start The Finished Product Conveying System

1. Dust collectors and fans on the top of the silo.

2. Silo roof chute fan, bucket elevator to silo.

3. Chute fan to Silo

4. Discharge valve of rotary screw conveyor of dust collector.

B. Lubrication System

Reducer oil station, main motor oil station, circulating fan oil station, three lock air valve oil station, roller lubricating oil station, pressurized oil station.

C. Raw Material Grinding Group

1. Start the circulating fan (the valve is closed and then opened)

2. Powder classifier

3. belt into the grinding mill

4. Slag return elevator

5. Material return belt

6. Grinding main motor

Note: Before starting the main motor, open the valve of the circulation fan and wait until there is slag return on the slag return belt then drop the rollers.

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