Solutions For Fly Ash Grinding Mills


Fly ash is fine ash collected from the flue gas produced after coal combustion. It is mainly discharged from coal-fired power plants and is a kind of solid waste. If a large amount of fly ash is not processed, it will generate dust and pollute the atmosphere. The toxic substances in it will also cause harm to humans and organisms. However, fly ash can also be used as a resource and can be mixed with concrete after processing. Materials, cement mixed materials, non-clinker cement, papermaking raw materials, environmental protection materials, agricultural fertilizers and other materials.

Composition Of Fly Ash Mill

Fly ash mills can be divided into two systems, one is a sorting system for coal ash, the sorting machine sorts the fly ash, and is divided into qualified and unqualified according to its particle size; The grinding system grinds the unqualified large particles separated from the coal slag through the operation of the pulverizer to obtain qualified coal powder.

Problems And Solutions

1. When the fly ash enters the raw material tank, the storage time should not be too long to avoid the blockage of the raw material tank due to damp or long backlog time: before the raw material tank is discharged, the pressure of the pipeline conveying air should be established to ensure The raw material tank can be transported away in time when the material is unloaded. If the lower end of the raw material tank is blocked, manual cleaning is required, which will waste manpower and cause pollution.

Zenith Solution: The conveying air pressure of the sorting system is very important. It must be ensured that it is appropriate. Secondly, the fan must be regularly inspected and replaced to ensure its normal operation. In addition, the entire conveying pipe must be well sealed. If there is an air leak, the fly ash in the pipe will not flow smoothly, which will cause leakage and pollute the environment. Therefore, the inspection of the pipeline is mandatory.

2. When the bucket elevator is running, it is easy to scratch or fall off the cylinder wall and cause problems: strengthen daily maintenance, the star-shaped unloader under the storage tank and slag hopper will often be blocked. If this happens The star-shaped unloader needs to be cleaned, which requires a lot of work and is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Zenith Solution: In the process of operation, the feed rate can be reduced and the operating speed of the star unloader can be increased to avoid this problem. If foreign matter enters, it needs to be disassembled and cleaned. In addition, the fly ash mill must be cleaned. Do the daily inspection work. If there is any abnormality, stop it in time to avoid accidents.

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