Selecting Grinding Mill For Bentonite Clay Processing


There is a variety of things to take into consideration when selecting bentonite clay mill to best suit your needs. To ensure the suitability of grinding mill for bentonite’s application, it is important that there are different reasons.

The fineness of bentonite ranges from 100 mesh to 2500 mesh. How to choose suitable grinding equipment for different fineness requirements?

When processing bentonite between 100 mesh and 300 mesh, the most suitable grinding equipment is the Raymond mill. Ultrafine mill should be used when the mesh is above 800 mesh, because this equipment has high output, low energy consumption and low maintenance.

Choosing the right equipment will make the customer’s production process more effective, and will also greatly reduce the human, material and financial resources invested by the customer. Therefore, the appropriate grinding equipment is very important for the processing and production of bentonite.

When purchasing a bentonite grinding machine, you must be very cautious. Only professional bentonite grinding equipment can bring unexpected gains to customers. Of course, the price, quality and after-sales service system of the manufacturer should also be considered.

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