Precautions For Loading Steel Balls Into Ball Mill


The size of the steel balls loaded in the ball mill must be determined according to the physical and mechanical properties of the ore and the particle size of the ore. It cannot be added at will. If the size of the added steel balls is not appropriate, it will seriously affect the grinding efficiency.

When the particle size or hardness of the material to be processed is large, and the proportion of large balls added is small, the grinding product will run rough, and the fineness requirement will not be met. At the same time, the processing capacity will be limited, which will affect the grinding efficiency.

When dealing with materials with small ore particle size and low ore hardness, if the proportion of pellets added is small, the product strength will be coarser. At this time, it is necessary to appropriately add small balls to increase the proportion of small balls to adapt to the nature of the ore to be processed, so as to obtain better product fineness.

The balls of the ball mill must be loaded in strict accordance with the proportion to prevent the proportion from being out of balance. When dealing with ore with large hardness and coarse particle size, it needs to have a larger impact force, and it is necessary to load steel balls with a larger size; when the ore is soft and the ore particle size is smaller, and the product particle size is required to be finer, it should be ground by grinding. Mainly, smaller steel balls can be loaded. Ball mills at the production site of the dressing plant are generally loaded with steel balls of various ball diameters, and the materials composed of ore particles of different sizes are processed according to a certain proportion. Theoretically speaking, only by ensuring a certain proportion of various balls can it be adapted to the particle size composition of the material to be ground, so that a good grinding effect can be achieved.



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