Petroleum Coke Grinding Process Requirements


Petroleum coke is a product formed by the distillation of crude oil by separating the light and heavy oil and then converting the heavy oil into Pet coke through the process of thermal cracking. From the appearance, coke is irregular size of black blocks (or particles) with metallic luster.

The Pet coke have multi-pore structure, and the main element composition is carbon, accounting for 80wt%. Petroleum coke can be used in different industries for example petroleum coke in power plants and cement plants as fuel needs high calorific value and good grinding property. Petroleum coke used as raw material for aluminum and steel or carbon plants, whether as raw material for anode paste and artificial graphite electrode or as raw material for the production of carbides, it needs to control sulfur content and volatile matter of raw Petroleum coke. The metal content of petroleum coke made of electrode raw material should also be controlled.

Grinding process requirements for application in cement fuel.

Fineness: The grinding requirements of petroleum coke are closely related to combustion characteristics, its combustion characteristics are slightly worse than anthracite, so the requirements for fineness is very high.

According to the combustion experiment of petroleum coke, the sieve residual above 90 micron of petroleum coke is generally 1-5%.Particle size has a great influence on the flammability index of petroleum coke.

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