11 2021.10

What Is Limestone Commonly Used For

Metallurgical Industry Steel-making Use quicklime as slagging material to remove harmful impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus Smelt Iron Limestone is used as solvent to remove gangue Calcium Carbide Quicklime is made by reacting with coke in an electric furnace […]

08 2021.10

What Is Kaolin Uses For

Kaolin was developed and utilized earlier and traditionally used in ceramics and refractories. Since 1980s, it has been developed and utilized on a large scale, and its application field has been gradually expanded. Kaolin Uses In Ceramin Industry In the […]

28 2021.09

Kaolin Powder Application In Paper Industry

The pure kaolin produced by kaolin production equipment has the characteristics of high whiteness, soft quality, easy dispersion and suspension in water, good plasticity, high adhesion and excellent electrical insulation; At the same time, it also has good acid solubility, […]

27 2021.09

MTW Raymond Mill For Talc Grinding Process

From the analysis of the current market situation, the general talc mill can not meet the market production requirements. It is necessary to improve the resource utilization rate and develop high value-added talc equipment through technological innovation. As an equipment […]

25 2021.09

Kaolin Grinding Processing Machine – XZM Ultrafine Mill

Kaolin is the most representative soft material in milling operation, which is easy to disperse and suspend in water. Therefore, professional XZM ultrafine mill for kaolin ultrafine powder is generally used in milling operation. Driven by technological innovation, the materials […]

24 2021.09

LUM Ultrafine Vertical Mill Used In Marble Prodution Line

LUM ultrafine vertical grinding mill is a popular marble processing equipment. It can process more than 100 kinds of ore materials with Mohs hardness no more than 6. The product fineness can be freely adjusted between 300-2500. If you want […]

23 2021.09

Application Of Dolomite In Rubber Industry

Dolomite has a wide range of uses. It is mainly used in industries such as building materials, glass, ceramics, metallurgy, rubber, welding, paper making, plastics etc now. After the sort, crushing and grinding, the dolomite can be ground into 325-1250 […]

20 2021.09

Advantages of Vertical Roller Mill Against Ball Mill

With the continuous research and development of milling equipment, Vertical roller mills have become the ideal equipment to replace traditional ball mills. Compared with ball mill, Vertical roller mill has many advantages: 1. LM Vertical roller mill can work continuously […]

17 2021.09

What Is The Role Of Quartz Sand

The quartz sand beneficiation process is mainly to remove impurities and purify, remove a small or tiny amount of impurities in the quartz sand, and obtain a highly difficult separation technology for refined quartz sand or high-purity quartz sand. Quartz […]

14 2021.09

800Mesh Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder Application

The classification of calcium carbonate powder is divided by mesh. Among them, 800 mesh ground calcium carbonate powder has a large order quantity and is the most widely used. Let us understand the use of 800 mesh heavy calcium carbonate […]

08 2021.09

XZM Ultrafine Powder Mill Intelligent Electrical Control Cabinet

Function Description Realization function: 1. Full-process automatic control, realizing one-key start and stop functions 2. Motor failure interlock protection, process failure interlock protection. 3. Convenience of automatic feeding operation and other operations. 4. Simplification of parameter settings. 5. Time value […]

06 2021.09

Introduction Of Zeolite Application

Introduction Of Zeolite Molecular formula: MxOy [Alx + 2ySin- (x + 2y) O2n] • mH2O. Properties: A wide range of silicate minerals. It consists of a three-dimensional lattice of silicon-oxygen tetrahedrons and aluminum-oxygen tetrahedrons connected by a common oxygen. The […]