Natural Graphite Processing Technology And Industrial Chain Structure


Natural Graphite Processing Technology

The primary processing of graphite is a process in which graphite concentrate is used as raw material, which is prepared by less complex physical or chemical methods, and can be used as material only after reprocessing. The primary processing products of graphite include high carbon graphite (excluding high carbon graphite obtained from beneficiation), high purity graphite, expandable graphite, spherical graphite, steel carburizing agent, etc. Graphite deep processing is a processing process that uses graphite concentrate or primary processed products as raw materials and is prepared by a relatively complex process to provide materials for terminal equipment, devices, processes, etc.

Analysis Of Graphite Industrial Chain Structure

Natural graphite can be divided into crystalline graphite (flake graphite) and aphanitic graphite (earthy graphite) according to its crystalline form. Under the current technical and economic conditions, crystalline graphite has a broader use, higher resource value and strategic position.

The natural graphite industry chain mainly includes four stages of graphite resource development, deep processing, product application and waste management, corresponding to raw material grade products, material grade products, application products, and resource comprehensive utilization product chain. In terms of technology, the production process of natural graphite is mainly divided into four parts: purification, modification, mixing and carbonization. Compared with artificial graphite, the production cost of natural graphite is lower than that of artificial graphite because graphitization is not required.

Development Situation Of Graphite Industry

The application scope is broad, and the downstream demand is growing. One of the main uses of natural graphite is to produce refractory materials, so that the demand for graphite is closely related to metallurgy and steelmaking, chemical engineering, petrochemical industry, machine manufacturing, acid salt, electric power and other industrial fields. As the metallurgical and steel industries will still maintain their basic position in economic development, the demand for graphite in the future is still considerable.




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