MTW Raymond Mill For Talc Grinding Process


From the analysis of the current market situation, the general talc mill can not meet the market production requirements. It is necessary to improve the resource utilization rate and develop high value-added talc equipment through technological innovation.

As an equipment with strong adaptability, MTW Raymond mill came into being. The equipment adopts three-dimensional structure, compact volume and does not occupy too much space. This equipment has always appeared in complete sets. It forms a complete system from talc to talc powder. The talc powder produced by the equipment is uniform and has high particle size, which can ensure that the passing rate of the screen is more than 99%.

MTW Raymond mill mainly uses transmission transmission device to provide power. The composition of the power device is very simple. It is mainly composed of completely closed gear box and gear belt, which ensures the stability, safety and reliability of equipment transportation and transmission. It is the first choice for talc production line manufacturers to purchase grinding equipment.

The main parts of MTW Raymond mill are made of high-quality steel, and the wear-resistant parts are made of ultra-high wear-resistant materials, so that the whole equipment has good wear-resistant performance, and the service time of the equipment has been extended accordingly. It also has a good wind conveying and finished product collection system, and consumes less energy under the same output and capacity. It is the better choice for talc pulverization.

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