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The non-metallic mineral industry defines it as: “a kind of extremely fine-grained hydrous layered aluminosilicate, using natural bentonite as raw material, through crushing, purification, modification and other methods, the processed montmorillonite content is greater than or equal to 85% powder material”. That is, montmorillonite needs to be purified from bentonite.

Montmorillonite is a layered nano-scale silicate clay-like natural mineral, which usually exists in the form of tiny crystals after processing. It is named after it was first discovered in Montmorillonite, France. It is a 2:1 type The layered silicate clay structure, that is, a layer of aluminum-oxygen octahedron is sandwiched between two layers of silicon-oxygen tetrahedra. Montmorillonite is widely used in the pharmaceutical field as a pharmaceutical excipient and drug carrier due to its water absorption, ion exchange, suspension, dispersion, stability, non-toxicity and good biocompatibility, and its medicinal value has always been Contained in the “Compendium of Materia Medica Supplements” in the Tang Dynasty of China.

Montmorillonite is used as raw material to produce montmorillonite powder. The raw material of montmorillonite comes from nature, has no pollution to the environment, has a clearing effect on pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract, and is a mucosal protective agent. Oral montmorillonite is not absorbed by the human body, does not enter the blood circulation, does not affect gastrointestinal motility, and does not affect food Easy digestion and absorption, no contraindications, suitable for all kinds of people, especially children. Years of clinical trials have proved that montmorillonite powder has a high effective rate in treating acute and chronic diarrhea caused by various reasons, can stop diarrhea quickly, and can minimize the gastrointestinal damage caused by diarrhea.

Medicinal montmorillonite mainly has various dosage forms such as powder, granule, gel and suspension, and the drug was first registered and listed in France in 1975 as a powder, and the trade name is “Smecta”. In 1990, the import of “Smecta” was approved.

For gastroenteritis and diarrhea caused by viruses, montmorillonite powder is indeed a good choice, and it can be used safely by children and pregnant women. But it must be noted that if the number of bowel movements simply increases, it is not necessary to use it, and it may cause constipation if used at will. If the diarrhea is too severe, and symptoms such as general weakness and collapse have occurred, electrolyte imbalance may have occurred, and the effect of simply taking montmorillonite powder is not satisfactory, so you must seek medical treatment in time.



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