LUM Ultrafine Vertical Mill For Calcium Carbonate Grinding Process


The LUM ultrafine vertical mill uses the relative motion of the grinding roller and the grinding plate to crush the material. With the increase of the rolling pressure of the grinding roller, the fineness of the material becomes smaller; The ground material is picked up by air flow and graded in the mill by the grading device on it. The coarse powder falls into the grinding plate and is crushed again; The qualified fine powder is sent out of the mill by air to the bag dust collector for collection.

As one of the main progress of dry superfine processing technology of non-metallic mineral powder, vertical grinding equipment and technology gradually show the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection in the application of large-scale non-metallic mineral industry and product refinement, and are widely used in the field of heavy calcium carbonate superfine grinding.

Ultrafine vertical mill is an important grinding equipment for the production and processing of heavy calcium carbonate. It can directly produce 325-600 mesh heavy calcium carbonate powder (basic demand) products. It can also cooperate with other ultra-fine grinding equipment to prepare ultra-fine heavy calcium carbonate products!



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